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That’s what The Original Mexican Eats Cafe, in Fort Worth, Texas, is all about. Generations have enjoyed “The Original”, bringing their kids, who are now bringing their kids. It is a part of Fort Worth history, “It’s a place where we belong. We eat here because we love it. We share in this tradition that has been handed down to us.”

The Original has always been a popular place for locals to frequent, as well as out-of-town guests. Celebrities have been known to drop in to enjoy some great Mexican food and atmosphere. Franklin D. Roosevelt visited often. Read “The Roosevelt Story”.

The Original Mexican Eats Cafe was opened in 1926 by the Pineda family. The Original is Fort Worth’s oldest restaurant, having served five generations. Countless first meals, first dates, engagements, and parties have taken place here, and we look forward to continuing the tradition. The Original uses the best, freshest ingredients to make the best Tex-Mex possible.

Thank you for being our customer.
Best regards,

Robert L. Self
1999 – present

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The Original Mexican Eats Cafe opened in 1926. During the 1930’s, Franklin D. Roosevelt came to Fort Worth various times to visit his son Elliot, who lived in this area. They frequented the Original Restaurant where, in 1936, the “Roosevelt Special” was created in honor of the President’s favorite meal.

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